Martyrs, Saints & Sellouts

Responsive online catalogue of this exhibition featuring works by three iconic South African photographers

This is the first in a series of four websites for projects by Siona O’Connell at the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Curating the Archive. It features a full-width image slider, and is fully responsive.

For the first time, the photographs of anti-apartheid photographers Benny Gool, Zubeida Vallie and Adil Bradlow are brought together in a group exhibition. From the early 1980s, these young photographers and friends were to be found with their cameras documenting apartheid South Africa, dodging security police, taking part in protests and being detained on several occasions. Their impressive collections show us now, some nineteen years after the first democratic elections in South Africa, a vivid narrative of violence, loss and injuries, the reverberations of which are subdued in the rhetoric of the post-apartheid landscape.